It all started when…

In 2007, Prep Concrete was started. Prep has since been dedicated to providing the best quality of decorative concrete installation, and using the highest quality products available in the industry. In addition to our diamond polishing system, Prep Concrete specializes in the latest techniques of, stained concrete, polyuria joint systems, sealed exterior concrete, concrete counter tops, and all facets of decorative concrete. We have developed many strong relationships with general contractors, home owners, commercial, retail, and industrial facilities. We have always been committed to the satisfaction of our customers, and we will go to great lengths, to provide an excellent service.


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DECORATIVE polished floors
flor de vida

This stunning floor was diamond polished to 800 grit, then the lines saw cut by hand and the color was air brushed on using Ameripolish concrete dyes.

Redwood COUNTER TOP with polished concrete
FIERY redwood

This stunning and one of a kind counter top was made from a 1700 year old redwood tree that was cut down in the 1980s. The concrete was hand polished to a 200 grit, and then the whole thing was coated with Versaflex clear polyurea coating.

Natural diamond polished floor
new home construction

This floor was wet polished by using diamond polishing tooling. The floor was refined to 3000 grit, making it look as if it was a mirror.

Bring your patio to life

When the weather is nice, we all love to spend time in the back yard. Whether you're hosting a party, or just relaxing in the sun, you don't have to be stuck with a lifeless patio. bring some elegance to you space by using Prep Concrete to clean - color - seal your patio.

Outdoor Counter Tops

Many of us love to be outdoors. Its a nice summer evening and you just want to be out doors. Prep Concrete can help you with your outdoor kitchen counter top. why use marble that can chip or break easily when you can impress your neighbors with the counter top of your dreams


Easy floor maintenance for your company

Tiles break, VCT wears out, sealed floors are expensive to maintain with waxes and labor.  Our diamond polished floors last forever. With simple maintenance every few years and no harsh chemicals, a true diamond polished floor will look as good as it on the it did on day one.

Unique kitchen counter tops

The average family spends more time in the kitchen and dining area, than other parts in the house. Bring art to your kitchen by having one of a kind, hand crafted counter top installed. Everyone has tile, marble or quartz, and some manufactures produce many of the same styles. A custom concrete counter top gives your space an attractive and unique look that is easy to maintain and doesn't wear. out. 


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